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French and Fun - For you and your child, age 3 to 6


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The Bonjour les Kids, LLC experience:

Bonjour les Kids’ curriculum emphasizes learning through play and complete immersion with a French native speaker. You, a family member or care giver, and your children will attend a 60 minutes session on a weekly basis.

Bonjour Les Kids, LLC provides a warm and gently structured setting where children will be compelled to express themselves in French. Such an environment is developed through a hands on program with a wide variety of activities such as story time, songs, art, games, crafts, etc.

Children learn the second language in a natural way in everyday classroom conversational situations and through subject content instruction. This makes language learning more meaningful to them and helps them develop listening comprehension and spontaneous verbal expression skills.

In addition to an emphasis on customs and traditions of the French culture, there is also a strong focus on multiculturalism.


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