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About us

Bonjour les Kids, LLC was founded in 2007 by Anne Thénin. Bonjour les Kids leverages a very innovative curriculum based on the proven method of learning through play and complete immersion with French native speakers. 


Anne Thénin, Managing Director and founder of Bonjour les Kids, LLC

Anne was born and raised in France. She holds:

  •  A Master in French Literature received with distinction  from Paris X University, Paris France (DEA de literature compare, mention Bien)
  • A CAPES in French literature from the Versailles Teaching Academy. French National Diploma to teach in the French School System.

Over 15 years she taught French and French literature in France and the USA to children from various backgrounds. Among other places, she taught in the Grigny French Middle School, France and in the Chicago International School.

Mom of 3 bilingual children, Anne has understood the importance of learning a Language through the early years. She has chosen to teach preschoolers because exposure to the second language should begin as early as possible.

When asked, what is her main motivation in founding Bonjour les Kids, LLC, she replies:

 “Over the years, I have developed a true passion and love for children and teaching. Through my 3 children I have understood how powerful could be the teaching of a foreign language at an early age using the proper methodology. My goal is to share that wealth through Bonjour les Kids with others.”

 “A bilingual environment is an extraordinary gift for a lifetime.”


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